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No longer a puppy raising classic

I've always recommended this book to first time puppy owners, and any friends who have asked for a recommendation about a puppy rearing book.  I haven't actually read the book since the second edition, so I thought I'd read the newest version.  While the authors do a great job explaining the developmental stages of dogs, which might be helpful for a first time dog owner, I thought the book had a bit of a threatening tone.  The authors (rightfully) emphasize socialization and environmental exposure for puppies, but they make it sound like your puppy will turn into a sociopath if this isn't done correctly.  I don't think I'll recommend this book to potential puppy owners any longer, so what's your favorite puppy raising classic?

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The perfect puppy by Gwen Bailey is my favorite...

Thanks, I'm pretty sure I have this book, I'll need to take another look at it.

Your post got me thinking. What is the best puppy book out there? I really don't know... I've probably read most of them, but I don't necessarily agree with any of them 100%. Yet, they all have interesting perspectives. I like reading about the experiences people have, even if their experiences are far different than mine. I did enjoy Susan Garrett's book on raising Buzz. Neither one of my dogs is remotely similar to Buzz in temperment. Yet I enjoyed it. I also enjoyed the old, classic, Monks of New Skeet books, although much of the advice is outdated and contraindicated in some cases. I really liked books by performance folks. James Lamb Free on raising retrievers. What a classic- way before the e-collar become the unfortunate tool of choice for retriever field trialers. And some of his advice was not in keeping with anything I would do to my dog. I really enjoyed Donald McCaig's books. They weren't about puppies, but about border collies. More recently, I've read some herding books that are packed with dog/human interaction and experiences.

So... I don't know... but, it's so exciting to think about your up and coming puppy! I can't wait to hear all about her!

Thanks! I enjoyed "Shaping Success" as well, and I do have the Monks of New Skeet books. I'll need to read the James Free books, sounds interesting.

If I was a potential first time puppy owner and read, "How to Raise a Puppy You can Live With," I would probably get scared out of puppy ownership, but that might have been their intention.

Not a classic but I recently got the The Puppy Primer by Patricia McConnell and Brenda Scidmore (second edition), and it seems like a good one.

Never heard about this one, I'll need to get it.

I actually quite liked the new 'The Focused Puppy'. It's not really about agility but raising a companion that's fun and easy to live with. I gave my copy to my parents when they got their new puppy along with some others and they felt this one was the best.

Agreed, I just finished reading The Focused Puppy. I like all of the "In Focus" stuff.

At work I always recommend Pat Miller's books to new puppy owners. It has been a few years since I have read them, but I liked them then;)

Thanks, I think my copy of "The Focused Puppy" got loaned out before I ever read it, that's really good to know.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks! Never heard of this one either, I knew I would get some great ideas from the LJers :)

I think the Focused Puppy book sounds very interesting. I think I did hear about that one from Clean Run... but I didn't have a puppy at the time.

So excited for your little Bindi Girl or Solar Girl. Only a few more weeks?

Yes, end of the month! I'm hoping that I do a better job of documenting this puppyhood as opposed to Lucy's, I have very few pictures of Lucy growing up.

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