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I'm going to keep drinking my diet soda

(Rant warning).  I guess there was a story on the network news tonight about how diet soda consumption increases risk for heart disease and stroke, as I got a number of strange emails.  Incredibly irresponsible journalism, I think that if the network news is going to report on health and medicine research, it should report on a VALID study.  Ugh.  This is a poorly conducted study presented at the American Stroke Association International conference, a lot of patients were included (2564) and some risk factors were accounted for, but not all, like junk food consumption.  An association does not prove causality, great way to confuse the american public.  Now we'll have a bunch of diabetic patients drinking regular soda and getting really sick.  Ugh.

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I am so not addicted to soda but have a coke 0 occasionally. These 'news stories' probably some VNR produced by a PR company that they sell as filler to tv stations. Half this kind of stuff is bogus. You know what, there are worse things you could be addicted to.

NBC this morning had a guy on that said the study was crap and while he doesn't think anybody should drink 5 or 6 diet sodas in a day, he also doesn't think this study should change your drinking habits.

Like it could... (also addicted)

There's no way to get through packing/cleaning/moving without a case of Diet coke.

Yeah. I am not giving up my Diet Mt. Dew habit either.

This reminds me of the stupid study the news was all over a week or so ago that reported that on rare occasions, sleeping with their pets made people seriously sick. Hmm, I wonder how many people get seriously sick from sleeping from another human? I imagine it isn't just on the rare occasion!

And yeah, not giving up my Diet Mt. Dew!

Where are you packing/cleaning/moving too?

No where! Rosanne was moving earlier this month.

Maybe if you're diabetic you shouldn't drink *any* soda... lol Or other bad things for that matter.

You're right, I must admit I could actually drink more WATER, but that would be so sensible!

Gah, you can't be that shocked. The current state of journalism is pretty sad and science reporting has never been good.

You're so right, hard to discern what "responsible reporting" means these days.

I just assume everything I see on the news is a press release, frankly. Most news outlets have no buget left. Who wants to pay for their news anymore?

I'm pretty glad I couldn't find a job out of school all those years ago. The engineering thing probably worked out much better.

I saw this too, and I have to admit I was totally skeptical of it all--good to know that it really wasn't very accurate!:)

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