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Where to stay in Corvallis?
One of my work assignments just cancelled, which I wasn't that upset about because now I can enter the WAG USDAA!!  Any suggestions about where to stay?

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I'm sure "there's a lovely trailer park at the fairgrounds" is not what you're looking for?

ha. I would only join the ranks of trailer/rv ownership if (1) I never had to park the thing, (2) I never had to deal with the Sunday post-trial tank flush and (3) I could still take my Saturday evening endless hot shower.

I bought mine back when I was doing NADAC. Days at Argus (note: 45 minutes from my house) were long enough that I wanted to just stay there. So every trial was a road trip. These days it's pretty well a waste. All the things you list are the reasons I'm about done with it. After my Fiesta Cluster/So Cal road trip I am probably going to make a real effort to sell it.

Oh - and just PULLING the thing is a trial. Feh.

Yea! Glad you are coming. I heard the La Quinta in Albany is good.

The Corvallis Super 8 is nice and right on the river walking path, as is the EconoLodge. Albany will add 20 minutes to your morning commute to the trial. Please say hello to me at the trial -- I'm the one with the Gordons, of course.

I've stayed at the Super 8, the Motel 6, and the Towne Inn. All are fine, though many would say the last one is yucky. It is definitely the least kept up. But it has doors straight out to the parking lot, so no corridors, which is good for a reactive dog like Zorro.

Thanks for the tips. I may be doing middle of the night potty trips with the puppy, so no corridors might work out the best.

Puppy! Ohhhhhhhhhh - I can't wait!

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