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Good day for a hike (not)
Goretex is on my list of favorite inventions on days like these.  Took the dogs out in the deluge yesterday, they had a great time except for the post-hike bath.  I really love our neighborhood hiking trail.  The access points aren't marked, so it's pretty much used only by the neighborhood dog owners and runners, and no one expects the dogs to be on leash.  yea.

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What a great place to take the dogs for a hike!:) Are you getting all excited and gearing up for the puppy?

Yup, going to pick her up on the 27th!

Hum..where in Renton is this?

If you google the intersection of 27th street and Edmonds ave in Renton, that's one of the access points. It's May creek park, but let me know if you're headed this way!

Will do. I lived in Renton for 3 years. Always went else where with the dogs.

What a perfect place, lucky you and the dogs!

No leashes...so unlike California, I see why you moved.

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