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The Supermodel head tilt

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Congratulations on your new puppy! She is quite adorable. I can't wait to hear about her growing up.

Kona is sooooo adorable! I am happy I get to watch her grow up on your blog:-) Keep the supermodel pics coming.

I told her to pick a different head tilt than Emily's :)

Enjoy it! Emily's head tilts are few and far between now, replaced by pictures of her leaping thru the snow like a crazed fiend:-)

I am so happy I get to watch Kona grow up, before we found Emily I was on the list for a puppy from that breeding as they are two of my favorite dogs and Donna is my very favorite breeder, but I was far down the list and we adore Emily so in the end it worked out for the best and now I am so excited I get to watch both girls grow up!

What a cutie! Congratulations to you and Kona as you start your lives together.

Thanks, see you at the WAG trial.

Hi. Reading your LJ on Heather's friend's page. Congrats on your new puppy! She is darling!!

P.s. We met years ago at the Central Point, OR RCA trial. It was outside and we were both kind of crated in the corner in the dirt arena. I have a black tri Aussie and at that time I had an Aussie recovering from cruciate surgery. Not sure you remember?

Thanks and yes, definitely remember, I think that was Lucy's first trial. Was it Cole that was recovering from the cruciate surgery?

It was Zeke that had the cruciate surgery. I remember having to carry him most of the time! He passed away in Nov 09-I still miss him so.

I remember Lucy being just a young girlie at that time.

Enjoy your new puppy!

Lori :-)

Thanks, sorry to hear about Zeke. Hope to see you soon--are you heading to the WAG trial?

Thanks. Yes, I'll be at the WAG trial. I live very close by, so it's a good one for me! Hope to see you there(and that new baby girl, too)!

Amazing! She has the head tilt down already! I can't wait to meet her in person, although I'm sure it'll be a while ;)


I love her big white nose!

I love her! When she wakes up at 2 am perhaps not quite so much, but so far she's sleeping 9 pm-2 am, potty break, 2 am-5 am. It's funny listening to Gus groan at 2 in the morning, worth the middle of the night disruption.

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