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This was a horror movie for me
The dogsport super slow motion videos are amazing to watch, but it really makes me question the dangers that I expose my dogs to when we run agility.  I have a low threshold for scratching my dogs if I don't think that the equipment or running surface is safe, but my decision is always based on a visceral response and is not particularly rational.  I'm surprised that more dogs don't come up with overt injuries after watching this.  Really, a display of incredible athleticism from the dogs, but the crashes made me cringe.

On the puppy front, have you noticed that the world is a friendlier place when you have a puppy?  People stop, smile, bend over to pet the puppy, tell you about their own dogs, why is that?

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It is like a human baby attraction :)

That video is amazing, people fell quite often as well, but I still play knowing I can fall flat on my face. If you ask the dogs they would say they want to play. My sons were in cross country and track, lots of trips and falls, but they WANTED to compete. So unless the equip is blatantly bad (like CAT a year ago), I let them play. I think having kids was a good precursor to having dogs :) :) bahahahahahaha.

...and the dogs are easier to train!

Makes me want to do fly ball and frisbee when I saw how many bad situations were in the agility parts! Who in their right mind runs agility in that kind of mud and snow? We are very fortunate "out West" to have so many indoor venues. A very long time ago, a club back east chose to run a trial in a asphalt parking lot because there was a foot of water on the adjacent field where they planned to do the trial. I believe I left...

I don't have a problem choosing to do a run if the footing is bad for ME, but I have to be responsible for my dog, as they can't make that kind of informed decision. Even if they do want to run.

Yes, I agree, and the dogs will give 110% despite the crappy conditions.

Yeah, the public loves a puppy - especially a social one. When London was a puppy I actually got a little freaked out as I got so used to everyone smiling at me when I had London that when I didn't have London it felt wrong that everyone was now ignoring me. ;-)

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