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Pacific NW Potty training
I've been getting soaking wet, standing in the rain and waiting for Kona to poop, just so I can reinforce her behavior.  You Pacific NW natives should be lauded for potty training your dogs in this weather, although I do remember standing in the snow while potty training Ally.

Lucy's been awesome, I can tell that these two will have a fun life together.

Poor Gus just wants to get some sleep!  I've been keeping him separated, more out of respect for him than concern about Kona, but he's been turning around and running out of the room if she's out anyway.  He scored a huge tennis ball for being so tolerant.

I'm going to try and keep a training log of what we're working on, will be fun to watch in a few years, I'm certain it won't last long.  Of all of the Sylvia Trkman videos, I enjoyed the tricks training the most.  There is something so endearing about her accent and entire demeanor.  We'll start working our way through her tricks. I guess I should be thinking about timing and placement of reward, and shaping vs. luring behaviors, but I'm really just entertaining myself training with this puppy. 

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That was my biggest problem when Roo was a pup. She wanted to play and horse around regardless of the weather. No more puppies for me in the winter :) Have fun with her.

Yeah, no fun potty training in the winter. I got Kirby in May so he was the easiest, Slider and Steam were fall/winter pups. Getting Merc at 3 months of age was perfect since he was old enough to potty train easily at that age, although it was January... In a few years, I hope I'm able to enjoy a summer puppy.

How cute that Lucy and Kona are buddies! Hang in there Gus. He sounds like Slider... ;-)

Yeah, I got Freddie in November....a whole winter of potty training, and I did not have a yard at the time.

She is cute and you get huge applause for already having a puppy video up!!! She exists, not to mention it is an adorable video too;) So cute. You will love the videos later on, I love Freddie's baby videos.

Tell Gus it will take a few more months, but Kona will get older, and bigger, and less annoying. Blaze and fred actually like each other now;)

He did the same thing when I got Lucy, but it only lasted for a couple of weeks. Of course he was still a pretty young dog at the time. Now that he's a senior it'll take longer.

OMG, just enjoying your puppy - blasphemer! ;-) Love the video, keep it up!

I LOVE trick training, it's so fun and you get to share your trick with others. All I have to say is "Want to see ____'s new trick"? and people will stop what they are doing to see it.

This last picture is epic! It looks like a really tiny dog with a normal sized tennis ball (at least to my tired eyes!)
Your puppy is adorable. :)

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