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March snow?
The drive home from Boise was slow.  I had to stop in Baker City, Oregon because a couple of inches of snow had accumulated on the freeway, so I stopped and waited for the ploughs to come through.  I saw 4 cars in ditches, fortunately no injuries and everyone admitted that they had been driving too fast.  Right when I was thinking I needed to trade the dog hauler in for a reasonable sized vehicle, I was very grateful to be in a large 4WD SUV.  At least I had brought some entertainment along, unfortunately I only had my iPhone to record Kona playing in the snow.

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Between you and Kona and Dawn and Emily I can have my puppy fix. I love that you are keeping us updated.

She looks cute in the snow, we did not get any worth mentioning this year, sigh;(

A good lesson to always bring along some entertainment. :-) So cute!

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