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tagg Pet Tracker review
I purchased a tagg GPS system for Kona:

$200 for the device, charging dock, and one year subscription to the tracking service:  http://www.pettracker.com/pet-gps
I was concerned that the device would be too heavy for a 25 pound dog, but it is really quite lightweight.  It adds some bulk to the dog's collar but Kona didn't notice at all.  It is labelled as water resistant.  I think the attachment of the device onto the pet's collar could be improved, but it is meant to be detachable so that the device can be recharged easily.  The battery life is listed at 30 days.  The service will send emails and/or text messages if the dog is outside of its "home zone."  As long as the device is ON, the system will show the dog's location on a map and report an estimate of the address.  If the device is in proximity of the charging dock it goes into a power saving mode.  Nice product for a dog with wandering tendencies, I'm sure it won't take them long to figure out how to make it a little smaller, which would be ideal.

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Now as long as she leaves her collar on this time you're good to go!

Yes, severely limiting factor. Someday it will be small enough to be implantable, but then parents would want it for their teenagers.

For Kona! and all her Northern Breed buddies. :)

It might end up on Gus, he is actually more likely to roam, and now that he can't hear anything he's a higher flight risk.

This totally makes me picture Kona wearing a house arrest ankle bracelet...

Too bad I won't make it down for Emily's and Bea's debut. I could have decked her out as Hannibal.

They still make wild animal tracking collars rather large too. Cinch that thing down! :-)

For some reason, I can’t see all of this content, stuff keeps hiding? Are you taking advantage of java?

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