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Outwit, Outplay, Outlast
I think the "Survivor" motto is very fitting to celebrate Kona's 1st birthday.  One year ago today Donna let me know that she had been up all night and ended up taking Bindi to the vet for a C-section because the puppies were BIG, and I would be the lucky recipient of one of the pups.  I had no idea that this would be the uneventful day:

She slept in her crate for most of the 8 hour drive home.  Training started early, with imprinting in order to create excitement for the proper NBA team:

There were many trips to Boise, and a couple of times that we got snowed in and had to pull over on the drive home.

Then there were all the times that Gus could have nailed her but never did:

Then the walk in the woods.  So very grateful to the electronic era and the friends and strangers who mobilized to help me find my puppy.  The outpouring of support was overwhelming.  I'll never forget the moment Cindy dropped the phone and gasped, because Kona had shown up looking quite pleased with herself and not at all stressed.  After two nights in the woods.  sigh.  Which led to the creation of the Kona archives, because there was this episode when she was at the beach with Cloudine:

Can't forget about this thing:

...or the one horned uterus.  What a year it has been.  The enormous puppy has turned into a cute little dog, Happy Birthday Kona!

Happy New Year everyone!  I, personally, am hoping for a boring 2012.

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Happy New Year! Here's to uneventful year.

Thanks! Our lists for the new year look so different :)

Yeah boring can be good sometimes. Happy New Year! Kona is a beauty :-))

Thanks Julie! Happy new year to you.

Happy Birthday to Kona! And yes, a quiet 2012 would be nice. :-)

No more unattended wood treks, she needs that lecture. Thanks again for going up to look for her.

What a fun look back...well, minus the whole missing in the woods for two days!:) Happy Birthday to Kona, and here's hoping to a great 2012---quiet or otherwise!:)

Thanks! For some reason I don't think she'll even be quiet in the agility ring...

That is a lot of "O's". She is an adorable, petite girl ;)

Thanks Kathy. Happy new year!

OMG, she was such a sturdy little muffin of a puppy - and such a leggy girl now! I've really enjoyed hearing about her exploits this past year - hope 2012 is as exciting ... but in a good way.

Thanks. Optical illusion, she's a tiny little thing.

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