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Theme song
Glorious sunny January day!  Just beautiful.  I found the perfect theme song for the next several months of Kona's training.  Perseverance and patience will be the motto.  I do feel fortunate that I got to witness so many of my LJ friends training RCs with their dogs, thanks all.  Support group will be needed shortly.  I was going to use the "don't have enough time" excuse, but I know I can make the time to get this trained.  We'll be limited by my lack of throwing ability, but I can always use the Chuck-It.  Given that Kona doesn't worry about anything, she's really the right temperament for Sylvia's RC method.  Run Run Run!

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looks to me like she's got it already! Congratulations!

WhoooHoooo. I am really excited to watch another friend train the RC Sylvia style. I will have so many sources of knowledge and advice when it is my turn to train one;)

Gah, I love the fun it looks like she is having, that's agility at it's finest right there. I am really looking forward to following you two.

Tell Lucy I said hi.

Nicest Early RD on Flat Board goes to Kona. Its all there. Beautiful

Can't wait to watch this

This is going to be fun to watch. :-)

Thanks all. I'll definitely need the moral support through this process :)

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