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Good luck!
Good luck to all my LJ friends traveling to Reno!  Have fun.  I'll definitely be watching the Challenger Round and Finals on the live stream this weekend. 

I entered Lucy in the AKC trial today, mainly because Dan was judging.  After two months off her start line and contacts were pristine, good dog.  I arrived with only 4 minutes left in the walk through and worked the small dog class so I didn't get to visit much and wish everyone good luck in person.    

I haven't posted anything for a long time as my folks are here for a visit. It is pretty funny watching the two of them have octogenarian download races:  Kindle Fire vs. iPad 2.  Really funny when you think about the two of them growing up in the era when the manual typewriter was the latest greatest technology.  My mother has some magical power over Kona, I've never seen Kona so compliant.  My mom must be giving out a lot of cookies when I'm at work or Kona is just kissing up, probably the second.

...and the running contact training continues.  Kona has attempted some 3 strided dog walks which she just can't pull off, she's just too small.  I hope that at some point she'll understand that it is a bad choice, if not I'll need to add an NRM.  I moved the dog walk this week to make room for the A Frame.  I assumed that the move would alter her performance, so we started working on adding a stride on the down ramp so we can start some turn training.  Really boring video:

Kona is entered FEO in the intro class at the April RAT trial.  Goals will be to not jump on the judge, visit ring crew, and stay off the contact equipment.  Lofty goals :)

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Much better than having to worry about biting the judge! Lucy ran out on me once, but one of her peeps was near the start line and he started giggling. She didn't pass the plane of the first jump so we didn't get called for a refusal, ha ha.

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