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Apple Maggots
I spent the weekend learning about apple maggots.  Apparently untreated home trees are ruining the apple crops in Western Washington.  Not wanting to contribute to the economic demise of the state, but still wanting to stay organic, a concoction of molasses and yeast was created and hung around the trees, and the plants were sprayed with dishwashing detergent.  Fortunately, blueberries are pretty pest free, so if I end up having to cut down all of my apple tress at least I can keep the blueberries.

I'm not thinning so your fruit will be pretty small this year:

I think these are pears, I'm not sure:

The Fuji apple tree was dormant last year as well, I'll give it one more year before it comes down:

I didn't get around to pruning the little blueberry bushes, so these plants won't grow much this year:

...and because weekends at home aren't for the faint of heart, finally cleared this field, will turn it into a grassy area for agility:

I'm many posts behind again on LJ.  A new Foggydog hierarchy was established last weekend, when Kona pushed Gus off of the water bowl.  It was pretty uneventful.  I did assume that at some point she would become the alpha bitch, mainly because she is the only one that cares.  Lucy couldn't care less and Gus is like, "whatever kid, I'm old and I need to go take a nap."  Like so:

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Apple maggots----Mmmmm, tasty--NOT! It would be a shame to have to cut those tresses.

Is the new agility on the street side of the shop? You did that yourself? Oh wait, you gots a tractor ;)

Could the pears be figs?

Yes, street side, where all the weeds were growing.

Could be, it's pretty sad that I can't tell a pear from a fig :)

The changing of the guard is kind of hard to see because it means dogs are getting older but at least it went over peacefully. :-)

Looks like you have been having fun with the tractor!

My vote is for pears.

Yes, better than a big fight. It's interesting that everything changed--Kona doesn't give her toys up to Gus any longer and she's now first out the door. He still lies on top of her if she is completely obnoxious, which is fine with me :)

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