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Community dog walk
Expletive #2.  Not quite as bad as the first move, but the migrating dog walk has really helped Kona's hit %.  The other factor that has really helped are the neighbors, no kidding.  When the dog walk was in the back pasture the neighbors would sometimes wander over to watch.  One of them is quite the sight, 3 foot long beard, beer gut, and missing every other tooth, but if you ever need a dog walk spotter he has quite the eye.  So funny--he says things like, "you can do better!" or "get a hold of yourself!" when Kona is still on the horizontal plank, knowing that she is going to miss.  Of course the cheering has contributed further to Kona's sense of self-importance, she's going to wonder why it's so quiet when we finally do a dog walk in competition.

I've been quite happy with Silvia's online classes, will be taking the handling course next as there isn't any nearby appropriate level training class for her, and it's kind of fun to make believe that she's a european-style agility dog.

I cringed when I read about Elicia and her dogs yesterday.  So glad that Elicia survived the crash.  Lost Tobie stirred up some pretty unhappy memories, so I'm glad that she was found.  Also once again impressed by the generosity of the dog community.  As a grateful recipient of so much aid, witnessing the forces mobilize yet again left me simply amazed.  I do have a feeling that tobie was lost, but Kona was just having her own little party in the woods, turning up when she got hungry :)

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I think your new dogwalk agility coach (Neighbor dude) sounds AWESOME!! After all that lovely Sylvia,,, it's nice to come back to earth ;)

Kona says "Not all who wander are lost" J.R.R. Tolken

Yes, a great reminder not to judge people by their appearance.

That was definitely her motto.

She looks amazing! So fast and so happy, but I couldn't imagine you with a sad dog;) Nice. I am sure the ZZ Top neighbor has something to do with Kona's excellent dogwalk;)

I am looking forward to another puppy someday just so I can take Silvia's classes.

it is almost blueberry season, I'm looking forward to making the trip up for berries and agility. I am hoping to get Heidi to come along as well.

Yes, definitely need Heidi to come along. I'm guessing it won't be until August, they are still looking small and green.

Kona looks fantastic, I'm so excited for you two!

I'm looking forward to many many off courses and everyone laughing at us.

I do owe that rotten puppy a beating. ;-)

Are we ever going to see you at a show again?

You do owe her a beating.

Will be at the regional. Of course I won't even recognize Rave.

I hope I can take some of Silvia's classes someday, maybe with the next puppy.

I have two little neighbor boys who like to watch us practice, it is amusing, except for the little one who must be close to 2 years old now and says, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi..... or babbles incoherently. Your neighbor sounds more helpful ;-)

Bahahahah, oh yeah... that's nice.
Better than our neighbors who FIGHT constantly and now with warm weather coming up... we're going to be able to hear it even more. Sigh.

I would like to take an online class with Sylvia as, I have to wait until Oct. hope Halo won't be too old.

I wanna see the old guy? Wonder what he would think of 2o2o ;)

Oh yeah, I know Kona was taunting Lucy, going "nanner, nanner, I am out you are not----hahahaha".

You know she was the vermin that ate all the food they left out the first night. She probably even made sure that Lucy was watching her eat it all.

I love the picture that was created in my head thinking of your neighbor there, watching Kon'a performance and critiquing as you go...maybe you could employ him full time! It sounds like he picked it up pretty quickly!:) Lol!:)

I guess it's easier to see if you're sitting still with a beer in hand instead of running like a maniac.

Wow, she looks amazing!!!! I adore Silvia's classes, I plan on taking her handling classes again this fall/winter. I just love her courses, so much fun and love her enthusiasm and her way with her students.

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