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Amateur hour
I keep cracking up when I watch this video.  Lucy is such a good dog, she really doesn't take obstacles that I don't indicate and this is what happens when I forget:

...and Lucy doing her jumpers thing, such an awesome dog:

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You managed to stay on your feet - and that's a feat! :-) You and Lucy look great!

Thanks! See you at the flat coat trial?

Look at you staying upright! Good Lucy! But best of all----you got video ;)

You stayed on your feet and saved the run, that is true talent right there. :-)

I don't know HOW you keep up with that dog. She's lightening!

Lucy is awesome! There should be more Lucy video!

Yes, see you there! My young guy is going to do the two fun matches - should be fun. :-)

Just wouldn't be the same if I'm not crated right next to you!

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