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Agility Sherpa
Made the annual trip to Medford for the Flat Coat trial.  The usual sunny hot weather prevailed.  I really enjoy the show, mainly because of the California friends that I get to see there, as well as the many new friends I make because of the extended Hidden Valley family.  I call one of my friends the agility sherpa.  He's actually the spouse of one of the competitors.  He attends every agility trial, does all of the driving, does all of the loading and unloading, potties the dogs in the morning while she walks the courses, warms the dogs up and tapes all of her runs.  Kind of the uber agility spouse.  Only problem is that his wife is verbally abusive to him, never thanks him, tells him that he isn't paying attention if he doesn't warm the dogs up in time, and yells at him constantly for not listening.  Gee I wonder why.  I've never said anything in his defense, but I never speak to her either, she seems kind of scary and crazy.  The other bizarre thing that happened is that someone called the fairgrounds to report that "an asian woman with two black and white border collies has malnourished dogs."  I had stopped at a park on Thursday night and some random man walked by and asked if he could pet the dogs, he commented that they were very thin, and I gave the usual fitness blurb.  The fairgrounds office was concerned that the ASPCA would get involved and told the trial secretary, etc.etc.  She ended up watching my runs and told me what had
happened at the end of the day.  We both had a good chuckle out of that one.  How strange.

Highlight of the trip was seeing puppies!  I met teaguestoy at Donna and Art's house.  They have some beautiful puppies on the ground, I guess I made Donna paranoid as she said she made sure to count up the puppies after I left.  Also got to see auseez and biggmellon in person!  That was awesome.  Of course I didn't know that biggmellon wasn't feeling well and ends up with pyelonephritis.  Would have sent you to the ER sooner if you had asked :)

I was a little disappointed with the surface this year, it was super soft on Friday and Saturday, and very slippery on Sunday.  I, of course, caused all of Lucy's mistakes.  Had a Tourette like squeal come out in Standard today, as if I ever need to capture Lucy's attention.  I tried to turn her on the flat because of the surface, which didn't work out so great, but she still had some nice runs:

Kona hit 3 out of 4 dog walks, not too bad for a debut weekend.  The Friday set up was ideal, here's her debut:

The Saturday set up was a little more challenging but she was up to full speed and hit deep.  She missed today's dog walk, mainly because I tried to push just to see what she would do, and she missed:

I thought she handled the environment well, that arena is a little less distracting which is why I thought it would be a good place for her debut.  She still gets over aroused and never made it off the startline in Jumpers today, but I think this is more inexperience and age related than anything else.  Also not a fan of the mindless jumping, so I'll be moving her up to 24 inches soon, whenever I know that the trial site will have a good surface.  We have a lot of things to work on, starting with walking on a loose leash.  My dogs are trained to loose leash walk if the leash is around their necks or attached to their collars, they can pull and drag and sniff and behave as they please if they are on harness.  I usually walk Kona with Gus, and they walk very nicely together, she always walks at his right shoulder.  However, since I didn't bring him along on this trip she was horrible and dragged Lucy and I all over the place.  So forget jumping and dog walks, we'll be practicing walking on leash, I'm sure Kona will be thrilled.

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Cutest table position debut in the history of the world! Thanks for video

Thanks. It's really cute that her tail stops wagging once her head goes down, cracks me up.

WOW! Kona looks AMAZING! What a fantastic debut! Can't wait to see more from you two!

Thank you! Lots to work on but it was good start.

I would have lOVED to see video of stunning dogs running agility, but they're so thin I can't make them out! ahhahaha.

My gosh.. Whatever.

GREAT runs, Kona looks amazing! You all do.

I know! Crazy dude went through a lot of trouble to call the fairgrounds, still can't believe it. Kona gets 1200-1400 calories per day, considering she's 25 pounds and holding I stopped trying to get her to gain weight.

I get that he wants to be helpful, or whatever. But what does this say about our society when THIN dogs get the call, but not the horribly obese ones?

Same goes for people, very twisted.

Ohh, looking so good, all of you., even if it is hard to see the dogs when the run sideways;)

How fun for you to get to see puppies. I'm hoping to see them over Labor day weekend. I'm excited for Jen.

Hopefully the surface will be fixed prior to Labor day when we go down. Nothing worse than bad surface, well maybe unsafe equipment.

The puppy palace that Art built is amazing! I wanted to play in there.

Yeah loose leash walking ha ha! I really must do something about it sometime :-))
Nice debut in standard.

I think I saw the agility sherpa. If that was him, his wife scares me, too!

I can't believe that nonsense with reporting that you had malnourished dogs. Unbelievable!

Kona and Lucy both looked great!

It was good to see you!

Yes, they always crate in that back corner. It was good to see you!

Gah - baby dog! So much awesome! Fantastic!


If I had an agility sherpa, I would treat him very nicely, so sad.

Kona looks so good!

Thanks! I agree, that's what I think whenever I see them.

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