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Now that it is suddenly fall I got my hats!  So cute, thanks aardogs.  Lovely to have a hat that fits over my gargantuan head.  Figured out that my little Lumix point and shoot actually takes pictures at higher resolution than my Canon 30D.  Started looking around, might go with the Rebel series next.

Happy customer that won't wreck my hat:

Not looking happy enough about the hat:

I ended up taking Lucy to the ER on Monday night.   She cut her leg on something when the dogs were out to potty.  It was very strange, they weren't running around.  There was no yelp or limping.  I only noticed because she started licking at her leg when they came back in.  We're pretty lucky, the laceration was superficial and didn't disrupt the muscle fascia at all.  Any further forward or back and she could have severed a tendon.  I briefly thought about stitching her up myself, but I didn't have any antibiotics at home, so I started looking around for a Vet ER at 11 pm on a holiday night.  I had heard about Summit Vet hospital in Tacoma, so I took her there.  The facility is beautiful, there is a vet there 24 hours a day.  The vet tech was wonderful.  Lucy got fixed up and has been really good about leaving the dressing alone.  Not sure if I'll run her this weekend, I'll see how things look on Friday.  Taken with my high resolution point and shoot camera :)  I've been taking her to the office with me this week, so she is in border collie heaven and just roams around from cubicle to cubicle, classic Lucy.

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Those hats look awesome. I covet one .. someday! :)

I hope Lucy's leg heels up quick.

The photos are great! Lucy's leg, not so much. Poor girl. Happy to hear that it is superficial.

I'm liking point and shoots more and more.

Oh my, poor Lucy. I think Gus looks stellar ;)

Such a goofy boy dog, gotta love him.

OUCH! Poor girly.

The hats look LOVELY on the kids. Wish dogs could run agility in hats. How fun would that be?

I love the hats on the dogs! I do not love Lucy's injury!

Healing thoughts, glad it isn't serious.

Thanks. Her first injury so we've been pretty lucky overall.

Very cute hat photos!

Poor Lucy... crazy dogs and their weird injuries. I still have no idea what Slider did to get so lame.

Yikes! Poor Lucy! Hope it heals quickly!

And Kona in the hat is hilarious!

Heh, love the hats! And very stylish sutures for Lucy - she's a trendsetter.

Leg bling. I actually wanted sutures instead of staples but I tried to not be a difficult dog owner :)

Edited at 2012-09-07 01:10 am (UTC)

LOVE the pictures! :) Hope you get a lot of use out of them!

Do you mind if I steal those pictures for my facebook page?

Steal away! We're always happy to market your hats!

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