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2013 RCC
I've been incredibly busy at work, and with the cold weather haven't been training the dogs.  They are doing their one jump work and conditioning exercises and that is about it.  I do have some great training exercises for Konane, courtesy of Grandma Daisy, but we won't get to it until the weather warms up.  Entered the RCC anyway, to get Konane exposed to the crowd.  As expected, she was not stressed at all, just a little over stimulated by the environment.  She was pretty wild on Saturday but was much improved on Sunday.  Much better jumping efforts and a great dw.  The surface didn't affect her at all, I was actually hoping that some sliding around would knock some sense into her but no such luck.

My goal for Lucy was to just take it easy and get some Q's out of the way.  We ran at 3/4 speed, I took some speed off and she was very much in tune with what I was trying to accomplish.  She was adding a few strides but had only one face plant, so that's a pretty good result for us at Portland.  I didn't watch the ISC class on either day, looked at the maps and was underwhelmed by the courses.

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Well darn a private video :(

It's probably still uploading :) Nothing thrilling I assure you.

I have not done agility since July, so I have to live vicariously thru friends. Lucy looks good!

I love Lucy, in case I haven't mentioned that lately. Though Kona seems strangely absent from this video. ;-)

The camera could not capture the essence of Kona's "flying squirrel on crack" methodology this weekend.

Dang, flying squirrel on crack video sounds entertaining. :-)
The ISC Standard course had no ISC to it at all, very disappointing.

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