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The "A" Smackdown
I decided to take a break from agility classes.  I'm getting severe sleep deprivation from getting home so late after class and I figured I could get more training done if I just stay at home.  I might look into taking something on line, but for now it's working through the Alphabet drills.  I'll need to get better about taping and watching my training sessions so I can see if I'm communicating what I had intended.  Gus gets the award for the "A" drill smackdown. He's the only dog who was getting through the drills with consistency.  Granted, training these days is done at a walk, but he clearly is still having a lot of fun.  I'm breaking the drills down quite a bit for Kona, she needs to pay more attention to the details of what I'm asking from her.  We're also working on the harder dogwalk exits.

Kona is growing up and gaining some sensibility.  This is about the most sensible thing that she'll do.  If Gus is sleeping at the base of the stairs she won't jump over him or walk past him, she'll just stand there until he wakes up.  Lucy will hop right over Gus but at least Kona has some respect for his space.  Works better than an ex pen as a containment method:


Also got my AAC numbers for the dogs.  The Canadian contingent talked me into attending the Yukon regional.  It didn't take a lot of effort on their part, just a picture of the facility.  Since the PNW regional got moved indoors it seems like we'll have a paucity of outdoor trials this summer, which is too bad.  Was so looking forward to outdoor agility in July and August.  If either of the dogs qualifies at the regional there is a small chance I'll do AAC nationals instead of Cynosport this year.  AAC nationals will be held outside of Edmonton in August, outdoors on grass.


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I took a break as well...

from classes. For many reasons, lack of sleep on the list. Now, with house concerns and designing, etc., I am hesitant to start up again. We go to practice at the barn on Saturdays, but I needed an idea for what to do at home. What a good idea to go through the Alphabet skills! I think I may steal it!

Re: I took a break as well...

It's a handy little book, love it.

I suck at practicing on my own. I seem to set up what I'm good at already... imagine that:) I've been sleep deprived on Friday mornings for some 14 years because of an agility class on Thursday nights. How silly is that! Luckily I've set up easy Fridays at school for both the kids and me.

Gus was rockin the letter A!

Unfortunately Wednesdays are a pretty heavy meeting day for me, even more painful when you are just trying to stay awake.

I have the same tendency, so I figure if I'm doing someone else's numbered drills ill be forced to actually practice.

Meetings ande not enough sleep would really suck! I don't think I'd take a late in the evening class if it wasn't on Thursday!

I love the smile on Gus' face. :-)

He knows he's better than the competition dogs :)

Holy cow, look at that Gus goooooooooooo.

Of course Kona is too cute.

Yes, the old dog still got game.

Yeah, Gus did steal the show - I don't know if I had ever seen him run. He most definitely still has it!

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