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Happy Birthday Lucy!
Happy Birthday to Lucy, she turns seven years old today.  I can't believe how quickly time passes by.  She's the perfect companion dog, universally friendly and a wonderful puppy raiser.  I put these pictures together and I decided that this is my blog and I can be super sappy if I want to.  Awesome pictures by Heather and Tammy, of course.

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OMG, PUPPY LUCY. I really love that feeling of sappy love, no secret I suppose;) This made me a little weepy. Lucy is one of those dogs that I love like she could be mine, much like how I feel about London. Lucy has a way about her.

Happy Birthday Super Lucy. Oh, I like how you added the photo of her stapled wound, haaa.

Thanks, she loves you too!

That is the best sappy dog-love song ever. I may have to steal it. Great collection of pictures, I love it.

I can't remember where or when I heard the song, just knew immediately what I was going to do with it :)

Sappy for the win!

I have a feeling that around 6 or 7 we start to get more sappy about our dogs. They just don't live long enough. And it feels like middle age.

Happy birthday Lucy!

They don't live long enough, but I suspect the sappiness is actually a perimenopausal hormonal surge :)

Love the Lucy, smooch!

Happy Birthday to the super cool Lucy!!!

Aww...Happy Birthday to Miss Lucy!:)

Squeeee! Even adult Lucy is squeeable.

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