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The LJ University of Lawnmower Repair
Everyone here in the Pacific NW knows that if you have a dry day in spring that you MUST mow the lawn.  There's a high likelihood that it'll start raining again and the grass will be two feet tall by the time the rain stops.  Last night when I was mowing my push mower just stopped working.  There was no revival to be had.  However, thanks to Professors ripnpaws and penichops I knew exactly what to do to fix the mower!  I stopped by at the Ace hardware store during lunch today, declared to the salesclerk, "I need a new sparkplug for my lawnmower!"  because Professor penichops stated last summer to always try that first.  He asked me a few questions and we came up with a 4 step plan for lawnmower revival, with step #4 being to cave in and seek professional help.  Well, the new sparkplug worked like a charm.  So if any of you are thinking that no one really reads your blogs, YOU'RE WRONG!  Thanks LJ University, I learn a lot.

The culprit:P1000693

The letter "B" got started.  I have Kona on a brief spring break so she's just practicing stays and tricks, she was not happy about getting stuck with the small box rather than the BOX.

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Woohoo! For some reason I love a good international mowing story!

P.S. How sweet is Kona staying on her cushion? Oh that is just darling sweet

Thanks for the tip! You saved me major $$.

At least Kona is trying to be good these days, it's very difficult for her.

Or, get electric!
Nevermind, your yard is FAR tOO HUGE for an electric mower. Plus side is they don't have spark plugs!

Yup, if they make an electric mower that holds it charge long enough I might get one. Takes a couple of hours at least to get the yard done.

You are amazing, fixing mechanical equip on your own!

Look at Kona on an awesome stay. None of mine would do that ;)

Well, it is Gus and he isn't all that exciting to watch these days :)

I'm not even brave enough to try to train my dogs to stay while another is working. Kona is a very good girl!

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