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(no subject)

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Yes! Brilliant! I especially love #2. In Miniature Schnauzers, if you're not trialling every weekend of the year, you don't have a snowball's chance in hell of making Top 7. Which is unfortunate because it's an event I've always wanted to take Komet but even if I could afford to travel to shows constantly (hahaha), it's not fair to him. In addition, Invitationals (for Schnauzers at least) winds up being the people with a)the most money b)the most consistent dogs c)the slowest dogs and that's not a whole lot of fun. I would love to see average yps taken into consideration. I'll also send in something to that effect, thank you!

Thanks for commenting. I was wondering if my recommendation was too outlandish, but my friends who have Invitational aspirations have generally agreed that the present format is not generating the desired results for many different reasons.

This is a really, really good idea. Nice.

How interesting, I hadn't even considered that - great idea.

This is definitely something that needs to be fixed. It makes me sad to see good dogs run into the ground just for those stupid Invitational points.

Thanks for the feedback, I wasn't sure if I was irrational because I find it infuriating when I hear, "...but if we take a weekend off we'll fall out of the invitational standings..." sigh.

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