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Getting schooled
I like the Aussie version of "schooled," penichops is this correct or an American misinterpretation?

              8. Australian A group of people gathered together for gambling.

Bringing Kona to the startline always feels like a complete gamble at this point, not sure if that feeling will ever go away.  I knew early on that life with Kona would be a perpetual education, and that both of us would be schooling each other for a lifetime.  Every moment entertaining but also not without challenges.  While Lucy was raised with a foundation of operant conditioning and constantly offering behaviors, her underlying mantra is "aim to please."  Kona's underlying mantra is more like "I'm going to experiment because it's super fun, faster the better, and see whether or not I can get you to alter YOUR behavior."  She's definitely turned me into a better trainer and handler and what a wild ride it's been.  I can't believe that she started competing a year ago.  Since we skipped the cute cautious young dog phase in the trial ring and went straight to "I'm going to go as fast as possible," I didn't think that she would have any noticeable speed change as the year went on.  Most of my dogs have kicked into another gear in their second year of trailing and I'm hoping that Kona won't find another gear, I don't think it's really possible but she is a special dog.  Found another theme song for her:

Tori's seminar was terrific.  It's pretty easy to predict that anyone who can achieve the pinnacle of our sport, making a world team, has a lot of knowledge to share, but some are more generous with sharing that knowledge than others.  I'm grateful that we were able to get some great feedback and learn new skills.  It took two days before Kona shifted into her usual training mode, but none of the problems that we had were too surprising.  I gave us a long time to work towards becoming a functional unit and we're slowly getting there.

This year is flying by.  Fortunately July 4th is no big deal for the dogs, particularly now that Gus is deaf.  He used to pant and drool when the fireworks started but now he sleeps through everything.  Happy July 4th!

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You guys looked amazing at the seminar. She's fantastic and yes,... if this is what she has NOW... what will she have a year from now? Can't wrap my mind around that.

I just keep chuckling about the USDAA we had down here this spring when the judge said to you "you're going to make me run, a LOT, aren't you?"


Thanks Rosie. Thanks so much for picking up our lunches. Now I know I need to drive down to Portland to get a decent sandwich.

Wait. You don't have New Seasons up there? Really? How did I not know this?

Yes, we aren't cool like the Oregonians.

A. I love her I love her I love her.

B. Watching your videos really makes me want a running dogwalk. On everyone.

C. I love that song - so now I can get a great song and great video all in one .. who is it btw??

D. I'll try the plop and go with the brick house .. maybe I'll get it on video ;)

Well no wonder I LOVE this song .. Yankee's theme song is from one of this artist's songs .... http://vimeo.com/59370542

That is TOO funny. My first thought was, "Michael Franti's other song would be perfect for you and Yankee.." THEN I watched your video.

Running dw? Fast but doesn't save time on course. Spot on 2o/2o is just as competitive and takes MUCH less time to train.

I know you're stronger than I am, figured that out on fencing day. Picking Kona up somehow helps to ground her, if that makes any sense, but she definitely recognizes our little startline ritual and it's working for us.

It really was a great seminar, wasn't it? It was just a great group of very positive handlers and teams. Tori was super with everyone too. Yes, all around good time, even in the heat. I hope we can all do it again next year.

I am blown away by Kona, wow, not sure I have seen speed like hers before, seriously challenging, but I bet fun.

It was good to see Lucy, errrr, you;)

Thanks again for organizing the seminar. I agree, the success of the seminar is dependent on both the instructor and the participants. All were terrific, we had a great time.

I wouldn't have met you or Heather if it wasn't for Lucy, so I owe her big time.

Kona really is awesome, Kerilyn.

So have you met your goal to learn how to handle a fast dog? Because I think she might be faster than fast. There needs to be a new word invented. Holy moly all kinds of brilliance in there from the both of you. I might be you biggest fans. Just sitting here in my little gambling-obsessed country watching your video with stupid grins on my face.

Thanks, still feel likes damage control rather than handling.

So glad you came down for the seminar - you should do it more often. And Kona is a force of nature. ;-)

LOVE that video, and that youngster. What a fun ride!

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