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Pool Fiasco
I decided to move my above ground pool.  I couldn't run the filter pump where it was at so I came up with the brilliant idea to move the pool.  I took part of the frame apart and took the lazy approach and decided to drag the rest with the tractor.  As could be predicted, that was a disaster with a torn lining and bent pool frame.  Oops.  At least I hadn't paid much for that pool since I got it off the "For Sale" bulletin board at work.  I ended up getting an inflatable pool instead, which took no time to set up.  Also scored some plastic stairs at Goodwill.  The pool really is for Gus.  He's been getting around on three legs for a couple of weeks, not too surprising that he can't bear weight on his right rear leg, which is the hip that he's dislocated twice.  I have him on a lot of pain meds but being a border collie he still wants to be moving around, and being a geriatric border collie he doesn't realize that his body just won't cooperate.  The swimming is perfect exercise for him right now, even though he's never had very good diving form:

I tried to capture Kona's expression, which is essentially "you're an idiot," but couldn't quite get the shot.  Too funny.

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How do the inflatable pools not pop?!

Just the upper ring is inflatable, the rest is just a big container of water. So much easier than those metal frames.

OMG, I so want a pool - so jealous!

What kind of pool did you get? It looks great!

It's an Intek inflatable.

Cool. I didn't think dogs could use an inflatable pool. Cool.

Yes, I didn't realize it either until one of my friends suggested getting one of these. Both Gus and Kona can pull themselves up over the edge. There is enough stability in the sides that while some water spills out it can actually support the weight of the dogs.

Excellent pictures of "iffy" form!

Never fails to amuse me, he has never figured out how to keep his head above the water, just dives in and comes up after he's completely submerged.

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