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10 weeks
I bailed on the "keep puppy separate from the rest of the pack" approach.  With the many bodies and activity around the house he started getting let out with the other dogs and it became,"good luck buddy, better learn your survival skills and figure out how to stay out of the way."  Merlin grew some legs and is maneuvering better so I'm a little less concerned about him getting hit by the freight train which is the combined force of Kona and Gus running at full speed.  He seems to realize that he needs to retreat when he sees the two of them charging by.  He's still being an easy puppy, best feature is that he pees AND poops as soon as I let him outside.  YEA!  Good puppy, I'm pretty easy to please.  There are no similarly aged dogs for him to play with nearby, but I've never spent a lot of time socializing my puppies to other puppies.  I expect them to coexist and leave unfamiliar dogs alone, and to be able to work around all shapes and sizes of dogs, but have never really encouraged them to go out and socialize outside of their own "pack."  Ironically enough my malinois was the most dog social of all of my dogs, and the one that other dog owners would really avoid.  Still think I'll use Merle N. as his call name, just to be a smart ass.


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is that a super dark triangle shape on his right side, or did he rub up against some wet paint!?

I'm waiting for the triangle to smudge.

He is VERY cute and needs to meet Halo!

I would so not want to be the Gate Steward. How many ways can you say Merle N ;)

It's been helpful for Konane, whenever the gate steward pauses I know we're up soon.

He is adorable! I'm goad he hasn't been squished!

Hey - I have a blue merle sheltie boy almost the same age (12 weeks). We will have to get them together! - Diane

All my puppies have to learn to become part of the pack.
An easy puppy sounds very nice!

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