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Merlin 12 weeks
My sleepy puppy woke up.  Now he is a bouncing energetic ball of joy, although still nothing close to Kona's voltage.  I bring him along to Kona's agility class and the general consensus this week was, "he got cocky in the last 7 days,"  he was also banished to the car in the first 5 minutes because of excessive yodeling.  I had noticed that he changed quite a bit this week, I'm sure the playing with other dogs has a lot to do with his sudden surge of confidence.  It is wonderful that there are a plethora of puppies to play with in the area, Wink, Cru and Sam were here last weekend.  Little Miss Wink was bossing all of the boys around, it was hilarious.  Lisa took some fantastic pictures.  We're hoping to see Davy this coming weekend.


My one lucky shot of the weekend:


I decided that Merlin needed a dose of reality so he is now loose with Kona and Lucy all the time.  Good luck buddy, you have to fend for yourself.  They don't let him get away with much and he is getting his overgrown little ego shrunk back down to size.  I've been keeping Gus separated so that he doesn't get jostled around and injured in the antics, but he's been fine as well.  So fun watching Merlin grow and change every day.

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He just keeps getting cuter. I want a blue Merle puppy. Did I just say that ;)

I won't hold you to it.

Want mine? He's got a tail, only slightly used!

Well bummer, 2 things against him. He's an Aussie, he has a pinkie ;). Only non-pinkies live here ;)

Boy dogs take a little longer, and then they spend the rest of their lives being bossed around by girls. Good thing they seem to like it. ;-) He's growing up so handsome - great action pics!

Yes, my first male puppy raising experience. I figured he would wake up at some point.

Excellent shots! How quickly we forget about ALL THOSE TEETH! hahahaha

Aww, he is growing up to be animated and cute! Lisa can take some amazing photos, glad she is around to document for you. Although you are doing just fine too.

It took Hi-Fi until he was about 9 months to really turn it on, but yeah, now, I can't even have him in the arena if he can see another dog running. Sigh. I joined a class so I can work on these things.

It is fun to watch them grow and change and develop each day, I think that is my favorite part of the puppy experience.

He is quite the darling lickle thing :)

I'm looking forward to finally getting to meet Merlin tomorrow! Davy loves hanging out the big boys, and they keep him humble. ;-)

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