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Leba III
After a few decades of dog ownership I thought I had the basics of grooming and pet care pretty well figured out.  I happened to be telling a friend the story of Lucy's erroneously extracted tooth.  He noticed that she's building plaque on the molars because she no longer has any adjacent premolars to chew with and recommended Leba III spray.  I do brush my dogs' teeth but was having trouble getting to Lucy's molars.  I started using this stuff and am amazed at how well it worked, it's just a once or twice a day spray.  Lucy has her pearly whites back, I'm quite thrilled.


The pictures are quite accurate:


Merlin continues to be super cute and ridiculously easy.  He's very much adored by Kona and Lucy, and he's figured out that he just needs to leave Gus alone.  Here's his training video, he's being home schooled because I'm just too lazy to sign up for any online classes.  One of the guys at work did point out that I'm not teaching him anything useful, like "leave it", or a "stay" at doors.  I'll get around to the boring essentials at some point.

The team curse appears to have carried over from last season.  Lucy's PVP teammate fell ill and Kona's team fell apart because of a handler injury.  Fortunately teams with great teammates were found for both girls this morning, thanks to Jill, so we're good to go for RHR tomorrow.

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So funny about teaching useful stuff. People ask me what Bender can do, and it's hard to find very many behaviors he can display, yet I feel like we're training all the time!

Merlin looks huge!!! I hate that they grow up so darned fast.

And I love your cavalettis. Did you make them? Do you have a plan for them? That looks like a great weekend project!

Those are just the free standing wings for my jumps. I set them on their sides and they double as a puppy chute and cavaletti.

Merlin is a smarty pants! I hope the weather isn't too crummy on Sunday, I plan to stop by RHR to visit with Davy and it would be fun for the boys to play. If I decide to do USDAA again, it sure would be fun to team with Lucy and Slider in PVP. :-)

I think Lucy and slider should team in Morgan hill :). Yea! Hope to see you on Sunday, but I think the weather is going to be crappy.

That was so much fun to watch.

Whoa, what's in that tooth spray? Acid? Looks like it works awesome!

Just mint, rose and alcohol.

Oh! and Merlin is adorable! and all those LEGS!

Merlin is very prettily put together isn't he?

BTW can you one day be crap at training dogs? Just once. I just want one video where you are clicking at the wrong time and dog is confused. Thanks

Haha. I don't clicker train very much because my timing is crappy.

Love puppy video! Can't believe Merlin is that big already and I've still never met him.

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