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17 weeks, 23 pounds
Where did my puppy go?  He looks suddenly grown up.  Other than being quite toothless at the moment he's turning into a great looking dog:


Best part of every day is when Merlin gets to play with the girls.  It would be nice if Gus would at least stay in the same room, but he retreats to the other end of the house when this is going on.  Watching these three brings a big grin to my face, I just can't help but smile, major dose of cuteness when I get home from work every day.  I'm very grateful to my dogs for improving my overall disposition.


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I'm so looking forward to FINALLY meeting him!!!

Bender must be puny. He was 19.4 lbs at 17 weeks of age.

Your boy is very handsome. it's so nice that he is so loved in your household!

LEGS... and soooo handsome!!!

Puppy play is very entertaining, I am really enjoying it.

He's growing into a giant freckle! TOOOOO CUTE!

Gah, he's cute. Growing into his spots, is he?

Glad your girls like him so much. Hopefully Gus will come around.

Tryke is missing his buddy to wrestle with :-)

Oh look at all those spots emerging! Squish him!

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