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Throwback Thursday
I work 530 am to 230 pm on Thursdays.  The wake up is painful but getting home early is a big payoff.  We've been really busy at work, 8060 people--either newly eligible or were always eligible and never signed up--have enrolled with Washington Medicaid since October 1st.  I still fail to see how that having access to healthcare for these people is a bad thing, but go keep arguing politicians, hopefully you'll agree about something and get the federal government back open for business soon.  Enough of that.

Throwback Thursday has me missing my malinois.  What a trip she was to run, I learned a lot from her.  She made Kona look like a snail.  Glad I had as much fun running agility back then as I do now:

Yukon Regional maps

...and one of my favorite pictures of us.  She was hard to run because of her size and speed, and we were really at our peak when she died unexpectedly in 2006.  I really wish we could have finished out her agility and obedience careers.


Then there is Gus, who has aged precipitously this year.  I've finally accepted the fact that there is no amount of grooming that will restore the lustrous coat of his youth, and now he has the scruffy coat and sausage body of a senior dog.  His aging has bothered me far more than any wrinkle or age spot on my face, and has probably been made more obvious by the addition of a puppy to the pack.  At least Lucy will look and act youthful for many years to come:IMG_0206

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i would love to see video of you and your mal running agility...

Will attempt to oblige, that was 3 computers ago :)

I didn't know you had a Belgian! You are infinitely cool, now.

There is always so much Badger face in Lucy photos. As someone who has only internet stalked you for a short period of time I would also love to hear more about Mal days

Your Mal was gorgeous - look at those legs! (um, the dog, in case that sounded creepy. Yours are very nice too). You both look so happy in that picture, I'm so sorry to hear you lost her early.

Thanks. Yes, she was very leggy. She was a fantastic dog to train and work with.

Your Thursday schedule will be nice this winter, you will actually get to see daylight at the end of the day! But the mornings would kill me. I like the Throwback Thursdays!

The 430 am wake up is painful, but I agree at least I'll get home with some light left this winter.

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