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The Final Frontier
Merlin got up on the bed last week.  It wasn't pretty, there was quite a bit of a windup, a lot of whining and a lot of clawing, but he was determined to get up on the bed.  He seems to have forgotten how he pulled the stunt off and is back to being tortured by Kona and Lucy, it's pretty funny.  He'll have it sorted out again by next week.  I'm still not sure if he's potty trained or not, he's only peed in the house once and that was right at the door because I was taking a too long to get it open.  Otherwise, he's pretty much been trained by committee, swept outside by the other dogs, but I'm not sure if he really understands that he isn't supposed to pee or poop in the house.  He's also growing a lot, there isn't much size discrepancy between him and Kona.  It'll be interesting to see how big he gets, I'm guessing somewhere around 21.


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oh, he is soooo going to get up there! I remember very well Rumble's first landing on the couch, and then the big bed. Once he figured out how it was done, no amount of grumping by the others could stop him. He's all BOING! and up we went. I love that picture, such determination.

Such a cute photographable merle face. ;-)

I saw him at the trial last weekend and I love his merling pattern. He seems like a lovely little guy!

Dude, that's kind of embarrasing. The bed doesn't look that tall. Does Davy need to come down and show you how it's done? Running leap, that is the key. ;-)

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