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Toothless wonder
A quick weeknight post.  I've been trying to take a lot of pictures of Merlin because he is morphing so quickly.  Forget the attempt to limit activity to prevent OCD, I let him run around as much as he wants.  He's also quite unattractive right now.  There are essentially no teeth in his mouth.  I don't remember the girls being without this many teeth all at once:


...then there would be the randomly growing body parts:

There's only an inch and a couple pound difference between him and Kona now:

Nuts, I can't believe how fast he's growing.  Still a very easy puppy but he has a lot more energy these days.  Kona is always ready to play, Lucy has started to correct him, especially when he dive bombs her head.

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Gah! all legs!
However, his head (to me) looks the right size for his body. It's when the head it waaaay too small that I think they've hit the ugly phase.

I am jealous that he has lost his canines. I can hardly wait for those to go!

Believe it or not Tryke has all his permanent teeth at just 5 months of age. He lost the baby teeth quickly. Can't say I was sorry to see them go :-)

Seeme like the girls were older when the permanent teeth came in. Really not sad about the loss of those fangs.

Haa, great shot. I'm happy to see you are not keeping your pet in a crate 24/7.

Each of my successive puppies have gotten more and more exercise, I know the activity increases the risk for OCD, but I wouldn't be able to stand him with any less exercise.

There have been no true studies proving that activity causes OCD, none that I have been able to find anyway.

High calcium, phosphorus, calories, yes, there have been studies in that that I found in the journals, but not activity. Doesn't mean one doesn't exist, but in all of the literature I have read, focus has been on genetics and diet.

Plus in the end, it is pretty much a crap shoot, might as well have a happy puppy.

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