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Rapid Alternator
Lucy and Merlin had vision testing performed yesterday.  There was a fleeting Heather sighting at Argus!  What they found was of no surprise, Lucy has binocular vision problems.  She has exotropia in the left eye and difficulty with tracking, which I already knew.  There are some exercises which we do with pediatric patients for what is called convergence insufficiency, or when the kids need to learn how to focus on objects at different focal lengths.  I'm scheming up a way to modify these for Lucy, will give us something to do this winter during our annual agility break.  In order to compensate for the inability to focus, Dr. Day could see that Lucy is a rapid alternator, so she'll switch over to her dominant eye when given a visual challenge.  I also have a plan for this, it'll be interesting to see if it helps or not.  Merlin has mild astigmatism in one eye, not surprising for a growing puppy.  He did much better than I thought he would and they were actually able to do the exam on him.  He did get the crazy eye comment and his merle eyes made the exam more difficult.

Who you calling rapid alternator?  Dr. Day told me to look at pictures of Lucy and indeed her pupils are never really in alignment:

I didn't have Kona tested, but it's pretty clear that she is unaffected:

The plumbing saga continues, and I had to take out a loan to pay for all of the work that is being done.  My back deck has been torn up to hook up the hot water line.  The cold water line has been located but will require tearing up the front deck.  A brand new line was drilled to the well hole and a hot water leak to one of the bathrooms has been repaired.  I just leave a key out for the plumber and carpenter so they can just let themselves in during the day, and leave the dogs in crates and ex pens.  When I get home Lucy is always out wandering around the house.  She's been declared favorite dog so they let her out when they are working, just because everybody loves Lucy despite her being a rapid alternator.

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Rapid alternator sounds uber cool! I want to be one of those...

A rapid alternator sounds like a really stylin' agility handling move.

At least a cool new dance move.

Even a rapid alternator needs love...

Lucy is a master manipulator, very special skill.

That's very interesting! Has she had the misaligned pupils all of her life? Maybe something to look for when picking an agility dog.

My first Border Collie Max had pupil that were never the same size. I think it was the left one was always bigger than the right. I asked the vet a couple times about it and they said it wasn't a problem. He didn't have a jumping problem either.

Edited at 2013-11-03 07:42 pm (UTC)

I never really noticed, and it's only when the object is relatively close, she's fine at a distance, which isn't very useful if you're an agility dog.

Ugh, so sorry about the plumbing issues, sometimes home ownership doesn't sound all that appealing.

Lucy would be loved even if she had webbed feet and waddled, love that Lucy.

It's expensive, no doubt.

Yes, Lucy is a sweetheart.

This is so fascinating! Thanks for posting about it. I'd love it if they could really figure out more about dog vision, and what makes a good sport dog.

Oh wow, when you're taking out loans for your plumber, you mean business. I hope you get a hot shower soon!

Have hot water but no cold at present, not really taking showers or doing laundry or flushing the toilet :)

You HAVE to share the exercises you invent for Lucy's eyes. Even secretly. It is so interesting.

And yeah awesome they had to destroy all the decking in your house to run the water! WTF? Crazy town. No good.

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