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Family photo
I did not photoshop Lucy's tongue, she managed this one all on her own, pretty much what all of my dogs think about getting their picture taken.  Gus looks appropriately mortified that Merlin is about to break his stay:


Merlin is 6.5 months, 20 inches and 30 pounds.  He remains a simple-minded and easy going puppy.  Quite clumsy at the moment, he's going through another growth spurt right now.


The ceiling in the mudroom is getting demolished today.  I had a pipe freeze a couple of weeks ago, one of the missing blog posts, and all of the wet insulation and drywall is being removed.  Sigh.  I didn't bother setting up a Christmas tree this year, there is dust everywhere in the house.  Joy.  Happy Holidays?

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ha! that's a great shot. The tongue only adds to the greatness... and I HEAR your dogs saying "damn, when will this be over"

and I hear you too. Your house! geezus. I'm so sorry....

I have a serious Merlin crush, and I love, love, LOVE his ears - gah! I think he may be rivaling Lucy for my favorite. ;-)

You are so right, boy dogs are easier.

UGH so sorry about the mud room.

Gah, Merlin's puppy face sooo reminds me of Peach's puppy face. LOVE!

Merlin is delightfully awkward, and adorable. Just adorable. That is a just fantastic family shot.

look how furry Merlin is! What a cute, cute guy.

Sorry about the pipe, darn, your home has had its moments this year. Hopefully 2014 will find everything perfect.

Your water issues just don't seem to end. Merlin looks like he has a puppy head like Davy, with the more adult like body. Love the easy boy puppies!

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