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In lieu of a Christmas card
I wish I had my act together enough to send out Christmas pictures.  This will need to do instead for my LJ friends, happiest of holidays to all and may 2014 bring you health and happiness.  Nothing like a $20 basket of toys from Costco to entertain the dogs.

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That was perfect! I hadn't heard that song before, so awesome. Thank you! Merc and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

It's from the movie "The Grinch." Glad Merc enjoyed it!

So sorry about your holiday "decorations" sucks.
BUT!! Fun dogs make up for a lot of stuff.

Yes, they do. Happy Holidays!

Lucy made me laugh in every photo. Good to see Merlin and Merry Christmas Foggydogs!

Thank you! Merry Christmas to you as well.

Merry Christmas! I love the music! Your pack is great!!

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