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Phew!  Two weeks is too short for a vacation, too long for a business trip.  By the end of the first week I was ready to lynch some of my classmates, but fortunately the instructor was beyond patient with them.  The computer and typing skills varied tremendously so the class got slowed down by those who really didn't know their way around the computer and for those who just can't type very well.  I felt pretty comfortable by the end of the first week and think I could have returned home, I was actually working by the end of the second week and some of the stragglers were just figuring out how the system works.  There is no way some of the physicians in the class will meet the productivity standards for this remote system, oh well.  Class over and now I get to work from home!   Fortunately, the dogs were all very well cared for.  I think Merlin sat on Marvin's lap the entire time, Kona and Lucy got to go hiking every day,  and all that happened to Gus was the discovery of some tapeworms.  I did feel very unsettled without my dogs and I didn't sleep well because my feet were always cold from a lack of a doggy foot warmer.  It did help to read the LJ posts about everyone else's dogs, however, and I even made my own not-quite-a-pasture walk video, here's video of my dogs sleeping today, quite thrilling.

We did have one day off so I did some exploring.  I walked around Savannah, which is funky in a very classically mossy and humid southern city sort of way, had a fantastic cup of cappuccino and went to one of the civil rights museums:


Also went out to Hilton Head Island.  Apparently the weather was terrific, doesn't matter when you're inside all day long, but I did get to check out the Harbour Town lighthouse on the island.  Hilton Head seems to be one contiguous golf course and only the uber wealthy retirees seem to be able to afford living there year round, but I have been to the beaches during the summer, which are really beautiful.


Back to work tomorrow.  My equipment was shipped out and arrived yesterday, really liking my make shift desk right now, made it with my two work platforms, a card table, couple clamps and $15 piece of Melarmine.  I actually prefer to stand so I'm still figuring out what to do with the keyboard when I do.   Kona checked out the ergonomics for me and approves this set up.  She's been off for 8 weeks now, time to start training the dogs again!


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They look very happy to be home and back on their schedule!

Welcome home! So awesome to be able to work from home!

I hope so, never done it before but being able to stay in one's pajamas all day seems like a good thing.

That's great you can now work from home!

I like your sleeping dogs video. Sleeping dogs = good dogs!

Pretty typical, three clumped together and Gus off somewhere else.

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