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Rival side
Thus far Merlin has been a Rex clone.  He looks like Rex, and acts like Rex, which I'm quite pleased about and is exactly what I was looking for.  Much like Kona, who inherited Bindi's love of food and a bit of her quick learning skill, but is otherwise a micro version of her sire.   I didn't see any glimpse from the Hidden Valley/Rival side of the family in Merlin until this happened, definitely a skill passed down from the Rival side of the family tree.  Beautiful quilt by Naomi, of course.  I'm a little jealous, wish I could sleep like this.

A friend has asked me for help in selecting his next dog.  I find it odd because I think puppy/dog selection is such a personal decision, each of my dogs was selected based on health, temperament and pack dynamic rather than any other trait.  I certainly found it much easier to go with the internal voice in my head rather than listening to the myriad of unsolicited opinions about different lines of dogs, but I think he only needs help with deciding on what he wants, then the search will be made easier.  Although it's always fun to go visit a litter of puppies, maybe I'll participate for that reason.

The dog wing is fixed!  I had to purchase a new hot water heater, which just adds to the succession of jokes my plumber and I have come up with, but for the moment everything in the house is working.  Yea!

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Fred sleeps like that. You could run over him with a steam roller and he would just lay there. Amazing.

That quilt is really nice!

I guess that explains why no one else can/wants to sleep on the bed. Such a boy ;)

Wow, you mean you actually don't have any plumbing emergencies at the moment? Not even a little one?

Really sad that the plumber knows the names of all my dogs and even sadder that he can walk into the house and no dogs will bark and sometimes they don't even bother getting up.

Hooray for everything working!

Oh, I'd never want to help someone pick a puppy, because if they ended up not liking it, it would somehow be my fault. The playing with puppies part sounds fun though. :-)

I do sleep like that sometimes...

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