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I sure would love to attend Crufts one day.  A true celebration of all dogs and all that dogs do for us and with us.  Amazing.   Some of the breed dogs were incredibly overweight, but the Kennel club does seem to devote a lot of effort into educating the public.  This demonstration was put on the first day, teaching children how to interact with dogs.  Of course some of the world's most stable and best trained dogs are being used for the demo, so it's almost comical how nonreactive these dogs are.  I also really enjoy the hunting demonstration and of course the obedience.  Even obedience is far more interesting in the UK.  Agility was terrific as well, I'm pretty sure Strafe would have one if it wasn't for a weird glitch at a tunnel, looks like he caught his paw going in and pulled out of the tunnel.

Did a few runs at RHR today.  This is the start of our trial season and both girls were wild.  It's pretty much how I expected them to be after such a long break.  I forgot about Daylight savings but actually made it on time for the walkthrough, which is really notable for me.  I was even happier to be home early.  I have no idea how people trial every weekend, just seems like it would be completely exhausting and not very much fun.

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I watched a little Crufts today, everything is better with accents. ;-)

Way more classy, might try training Merlin with a British accent, maybe we'll look more dignified.

How cute was that when they go to sacrifice the little child to get the phone back? So sweet.

Yes, I enjoyed the child sacrifice as well.

It was good to see you briefly at RHR but I am bummed to miss Merlin, again...

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