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I got this
While Kona isn't the easiest of my dogs to run, she is the easiest of my dogs to read on course.  Gus always had a bit of a delay when I asked him to do something, and if he wasn't quite sure about what he was supposed to do he would take a very very very wide turn to think things through.  Lucy always has a look of sheer glee on her face, she is actually the most difficult to read but the easiest to run because of her short stride.  Kona has a definite "I got this" look.  Her ears tip forward a bit and she looks like she's smiling.  I love seeing that look, it means that she got the information she needed and she understands what's being asked of her.  It's probably imperceptible from anyone watching from the sidelines, but I definitely saw the look a couple of times this past weekend at the WAG trial.  You can see it on the dog walk when I gave her the turn command to turn away, it made me very happy when I saw it.  She earned another bye with this run and I see where we need to do more work (teeter), even though her teeter at home has been looking terrific.  We have lots to work on before our first regional in May.

Of course the real highlight of the weekend was visiting with people I don't get to see often, and seeing the lambs at Poodletopia!  So cute.  I wouldn't have any nice pictures of my dogs if it weren't for Heather, so very grateful.

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That was a gorgeous run! And that turn into the tunnel was perfect!

Lovely - you two are always so much fun to watch. ;-)

Great Run! andloved Kona's confidence on the dogwalk-turn-away. And then laughed at the seesaw because if you watch it, it looks as though she is doing that 'pretending to walk down some stairs behind a desk' thing

Stinker, she was like, "do I really need to do this stupid obstacle if you're way over there?"

I actually yelled "WOOT!" outloud in the office while watching this.

Lucky it's 7:30 and I'm all alone. :)

That was just gorgeous!

It was great to get to see you and your pups this weekend.

Look at that turn, sweet! Great run, you two have become pretty solid, lots of fun to watch.

Very nice Kerilyn 😳

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