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So Rosie has something to read
He's back!  Cru is back while Desiree is off competing at the AKC Nationals.  I usually really like or love most dogs but never feel that they could be "mine."  Except for Cru.  I love Cru.  Mainly because he integrates in so well.  He shows up and immediately makes himself at home without any stress or commotion.  He leaves Gus alone and plays well with everyone else.  He's a good dog that listens and the only bad choice he's made so far is that he's trying to pee on the girls rather than marking their spots.  He also tried to pee on Merlin's head.  Stupid teenager.  Kona got pissed off about the piss and fixed that problem.  He is a bit of a pony, I think he's over 22 inches at this point and makes Merlin look small.  There certainly are advantages to a smooth coat, might think about going with smooth or bald dogs in the future.


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He looks like a good guy! Legs a MILE long!!

From his growth rate as a puppy, I was pretty sure he'd be as tall as Merc, hopefully he won't get as heavy. Davy is getting too much hair, I want a smoothie! Steam went through a phase of peeing on poor Kirby while Kirby was trying to poop. Teenage boys...

I'm very open to smooth coats. But I have to say, Bender's shedding is nothing like my Aussie's was. It's pretty uneventful so far.

Hi-Fi pees on himself. Always his front legs. So gross.

Yes... Bender does this too.

Haku says his feelings are hurt. ;-) And Cru sounds like quite the pony!

Sounds like when Merlin comes here. Rylie pees on front leg, then steps with rear leg into pee puddle. BOYZ!

Love my smoothies! The tripod is the biggest shedder I have had so far.

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