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8 years going on 8 months
Happy belated birthday to Rosie and Happy Birthday Lucy!  I can’t believe Lucy is already 8 years old.  Seems like just yesterday I was standing and staring at the poor customer service agent at United cargo in San Francisco waiting for my puppy.  It was even better when the guy driving the baggage cart came speeding up and waved and yelled, “your puppy is fine!!”  Phew.  That was more stressful than every time I’ve flown with a dog in cargo, the memory is so vivid..

I do realize that Lucy’s jumping is getting progressively worse, she made it through PGP last weekend and won a bye but her jumping looked really bad and she took off early for 100% of the jumps in the run, which is unusual for her.   The jumps were very angled and it was a huge effort for her, I did run hard at every jump to help her through the course.  I’m surprised that we made it through and very happy that now she gets to play at the regional!

Lucy looked better in PSJ, even though she’s decided that stopping is optional on the A frame, yes  I’m letting her do whatever at this point.  There are only a handful of people who know us well enough to realize that I really have no choice but to retire her from USDAA this year.  Fortunately, these are also the people who know that sweet Lucy is all about the socializing and not so much about the agility.  Still hoping for a last hurrah at Cynosport but I would much prefer to not see her go splat on some jump or strangle herself on the tire.  I might still run her occasionally in AKC, since the courses are less challenging she seems a little more comfortable getting around.  She still has plenty of ground speed and is clearly still having fun.  It does mean that Kona really has to step up to the plate as the it dog.  She’s actually making slow and steady progress, I’m very pleased with what she’s doing, it’s definitely a guaranteed thrill ride.

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Kona looks HAPPY to step up! ahahhaha. Man, those weaves, wow..

Lucy looks happy too. If you moved her down? could she run longer? or is it not a matter of height at all? She sure is a fun dog, wonderful to watch... always has been.

I guess when you move your dog to performance stopping on contacts is optional:) I hope Lucy is able to compete for a while longer!

I'm all about letting them do whatever. ;-) I hope Lucy has a grand hurrah in agility, and, yes, many, many more years of socializing and making everyone feel like they're the MOST special! Lots of good April birthdays!

It's so hard to watch our dogs struggling, but seeing them enjoy agility and want to try despite this does help. Lucy definitely does enjoy it still!

Icon doesn't have to stop on any stupid aframes anymore either :)

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