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Texas regional
I had a wonderful trip to Texas.  Gus, Lucy and Merlin got to stay home with my house sitter.  She vacuumed while I was gone!  So nice.  I wasn't sure how Kona would travel without Lucy, it's the first time she's flown without Lucy's steady presence, and Kona did a fantastic job.  We had to fly American so that I could take a red eye flight and arrive early in the morning in Texas.  It took a long time to get checked in at SeaTac, and Kona was perfectly happy to just hang out.  She was actually very well behaved, I was very happy with her.  The American airlines agent insisted on weighing Kona's crate, which is something that's never happened with United, Delta or Alaska, but they otherwise did a really great job transporting her.  American doesn't deliver the paper receipts that the other airlines do to let you know that the dog has been loaded, but I asked the captains for both flights as I was boarding, and both captains announced overhead when she was on the plane.  Not my first choice for flying with a dog, but I wouldn't hesitate to fly with American again.

I got to stay with my friend's family.  The kids loved Kona and she loved them, she's much smaller than Kelly's dogs so they weren't quite so intimidated by her.  Sean even photo bombed our DAM team picture, he wanted her to stay another 60 days:


The courses were terrific, none were easy and I was completely thrilled how Kona ran.  I realize that it's asking a lot to put my dog in a crate, have her fly on a plane, stay in a stranger's house, meet dogs that she hasn't met before AND expect her to perform but she pulled it all off.  I'm very proud of her.  We ended up 4th in biathlon, mainly because of the loitering on the teeter in Masters Challenge standard:

She won Team Standard on a course that completely changed the team rankings, it was a fantastic course by Scott Lovelis, so fun to be presented with  with constant challenges.

...and my favorite run of the weekend, bar was my fault but otherwise a really nice run:

We had a bar down in Round 1 of Steeplechase so we didn't advance, and off course in the GP finals, so no byes for us.  We have another try this coming weekend.  I'll probably skip Cynosport if we don't have semis byes, I don't really want to spend the extra two days at the event.  Very grateful to my little dog for a fun outing.

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Wow! look at you guys go! I gotta find out if Tammy wants to come up and watch the event on Saturday or something. Might be fun.

That does sound like an adventure! Always fun to watch you two run, I hope you do make it to nationals this year!

So nice to see you guys! I'm glad Kona was her usual awesome self. I didn't realize Kona won Team Standard, that's incredible!

It was great to see you as well. You need to brag about your road trip :)

Kona looking mature these days! Well, more so :) so great!!

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