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moodypdx is genius!  Wow, this was good.  I did ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and vanilla in the whipped cream.


I went to the Olympia  farmer's market today to try out the strawberries and fresh whipped cream post.   Yum.  I love the Olympia farmer's market.  It's only open for a short season and it's small by all standards, but the produce is terrific: http://www.olympiafarmersmarket.com.  There are only two fruit stands and the Johnson berry stand, a handful of vegetable stands, two bakeries and two meat vendors.  The two fruit stand vendors agree on a price and sell their products at the same price, so the only reason to visit one stand and not the other is if one stand has run out of something.   The food vendors are also terrific, my favorite place is Soba.  The little Japanese lady that runs the place makes a mean spring roll, she puts something addicting in her peanut dipping sauce and refuses to tell me the secret to how her spring rolls never fall apart.

Merlin has completed his first week of "training."  not so much training as me figuring out how I'm going to teach him different obstacles.  A few observations:

1.  Silvia's method is not going to work for his A frame, going to use either Daisy's or Rachel's.  He needs very concrete criteria and is not going to be able to figure out that the rear foot drop is what is getting his toy delivered.
2.  I will not be able to overcome the discrepancy in value between toys and food, no sense in even trying, will use the discrepancy to my advantage.
3.  Going to jump with tucked rear legs.  Not my favorite jumping style but the merle side of the family jumps this way and so I'm not surprised.
4.  Weaving footwork and weaving entries/exits will need to be trained separately, same way I had to train Gus.
5.  The teeter is not going to be a problem.
6.  We need to do a lot more forward focus work, he's sticky and very much the anti-Kona which is both good and bad.
7.  We'll need 6-8 months, guessing next spring for a debut when Kona comes off of her winter break.

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Silvia's method did not work for Hi-Fi, not sure what method I really used, kind of our own, but yeah, too much grey area.

Oh the weaves... I too ahd to work footwork separate from entries and exits, and in the end he has chosen to double step, and I am okay with it because he has finely chosen his method. He has pretty wide shoulders so it makes sense for him and I am way okay. But oh, it seemed like it took forever for him to finally get his footwork. His entries still aren't proofed very well, but we have plenty of time.

it will be fun to watch your progression with Merlin, I'm looking forward to it.

Looks so good, I'm going to have to try this out.

Silvia's method did work well for Panic, but in terms of the a-frame I'm not sure how much is the method vs. his natural striding. I feel like we got really lucky.

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I like the way you have your thoughts written. Often, mine just muddle in my head. Easier to remember where you are going if they are written down.

Yup. The PNWers will testify to my compulsive use of training notes, but I learned a couple of dogs ago that since my training time is so limited I really need to keep track of where each dog is in terms of understanding the task at hand.

I just love our Farmers Market!!!! You shortcake looks delicious. What is Cardamom. Sounds like something I might deal to my mother :)

Wow, you really know your Merlin! That is awesome. You are going to have stopped contacts? I liked Rachel's method, worked pretty well for Halo. Well except one AF last week-end :)

Going to play with a lowered A frame, I think he'll just pick up a natural three strides on the A Frame, messing with the box might mess up his brain.

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