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Bye Summer.
That was a quick and glorious summer, although a bit on the warm side on a handful of days.  Days are getting shorter and wearing a jacket in the mornings, fall is just around the corner.  Fine by me, fall has always been my favorite time of year.

Summer swooshed by.  I managed to avoid thinking about some of the horrible things happening in the world, like eastern Washington going up in flames and our troops having to go back to Iraq.  Distracted myself with  a puppy party.  Decided to throw myself a puppy party because there aren't many better things in life than sitting on the grass and watching puppies run around.  Four delightful future agility stars, I would have been thrilled to keep any of these puppies but unfortunately they all went home after the party.  Not so easy to get a decent picture of the 4 together, too much sun and too much white and black:


...and the folks were here.  They had to cut their time short because of the Hurricane, they flew home on the Saturday after the hurricane passed through Hawaii.  Fortunately they had no property damage.  My dad went shopping for a new set of golf clubs, really a testament to staying active.  I think he's planning on leaving this earth while playing golf.  I hope I can still walk when I'm 81.

There has been some dog training going on but not much.  Taking Justine's foundation course with Merlin.  I think I got spoiled by the volume and rapidity of Silvia's feedback from her online courses.  I would give this course a B or B-.  Good skills to have, just would like more feedback.  I have yet to move the A Frame up for him, hoping that my petition to the USDAA will get answered by the end of the year.  Not sure if this is a supreme delay tactic or a legitimate reason to put off his A Frame training but it's providing a very convenient excuse.  Kona and Lucy have been getting a little training time but not much, too busy with work and going hiking.    I'm actually looking forward to Cynosport even if it will be a week long marathon.  I have wonderful team partners for both of the girls, Merlin will do rally and I haven't been to Cynosport for 4 years.  

Gus has had a terrible summer.  He couldn't stand up on his own for about a month.  I had to pick him up every time he wanted to get up and the poor guy would wake me up every morning with his panting, waiting for me to help him up so that he could go out.  Fortunately he seems to have regained his strength by swimming a lot.  Phew, dodged that bullet.


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Looking forward to teaming with your and Lucy! Do we have a team name?

What kind of puppy is the white and brown one? Very cute puppies!

Oops, forgot about the team name.

It's a kooikerhondje, Dutch dog used for birding.

Got any ideas for a name?

That's quite the name. Looks cute!

Wow your dad is amazing!

And Silvia really does set a high bar with her online feedback, no one does it better.

Yes, I was surprised when he whacked at the golf ball. I didn't realize that he still had that much speed in his swing.

I did get spoiled with Silvia's online classes, although I'm really enjoying this foundation course.

Look forward to seeing you 😃! At Cynosport.

Yes, I need to catch up with you and hear about what you're doing.

Gus?? WTH?? I hope he's doing better. I love me the old dogs. LOVE... here's to better mornings for Gus.

Thanks. Yes, I was worried and just at that point about thinking of his quality of life, but fortunately he's mobile again.

Love to Gus - so glad he's feeling better! Will be cheering you on at nationals, I'm glad they're having it out here just for Lucy. ;-)

Thanks. It did work out well for Lucy. I might be a little weepy at Cynosport when I run her, but I'm still planning on doing some AKC with her when Merlin starts. AKC is really too boring with just one dog.

Damn it, summer is not over yet, we have another month! :-)

I am glad Gus is doing better, poor guy. Thank goodness for the swimming.

Your Dad looks great!

Ha, we'll be Christmas shopping before you know it.

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