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Crazy Eyes Part 2
I was pleasantly surprised to get an email from Dr. Gina Day.  She was doing a follow-up on Merlin because he is one of the few puppies that she's examined.  She had a hard time with his exam as a 5 month old, between the wiggling around and the merled eyes.  She wasn't sure if he had mild astigmatism or not so she asked about how he was doing and we're trying to figure out when she can reexamine him now that he's full grown.  Would be terrific if she could identify which puppies may have vision problems and would be best placed in pet homes.  I can't remember where I heard the song but it was too perfect to not make a video, so here it is:

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Bahahahah, if I only had a brain. hahaha.

Weaves look GREAT! Way to Go Merlin!

Merlin looks great! That was fun to watch him figure out his striding on that line of jumps, what a good boy. Interesting about Gina following up. She also looked at puppy Davy but I haven't heard anything from her. As I recall, she found a little bit of an astigmatism with him as well. Although I wouldn't be able to show her any jumping video. ;-)

She's going to reexamine him at Cynosport, it'll be good to get an update from her about her database.

He looks great!

how can he be so grown up???

He really has no brain, we can only do 2-3 minutes at a time :)

He's looking good! Yahoo

go merlin, all of a sudden he looks so tall. it looks like he is figuring it all out.

He grew a bit more, but I can still mash my 21 inch wicket over his withers.

Aw, he looks great! I can't tell you how giddy it makes me to see baby dogs all grown up and looking like real dogs. Almost. ;-)

Note lack of serpentine and blood bath at #3. Actually I could probably pull it off with him.

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