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Such a novelty to drive to a national event.   My car is stuffed.  I can't see out the rear view mirror so if a police officer tries to pull me over for speeding it'll be a few miles before I realize he's there.  There is enough crap in the car to furnish a studio apartment, but I know that I'll be very happy to have a place to lie down and chill out during the day.  I'm really looking forward to running on the turf.  I think the flat and predictable surface will benefit the handlers the most, so I'm looking forward to seeing some great handling.   My only goal at Cynosport will be to savor every last run with Lucy, I'm kind of regretting that I entered Kona, it'll be a bit of a distraction to run her.  Very few people know me well enough to realize that this Cynosport is all about Lucy and not Kona, everyone assumes that Lucy is coming along as a side kick but that really isn't the case.  She's been running great and still has a lot of speed in her, it'll be fun to continue to run her in AKC but it is also time to retire her from USDAA.  She's accomplished everything that I could have hoped for and more.  Considering that one friend who was really looking forward to going to Cynosport this year has a high drive dog who has suddenly stopped wanting to do agility and another friend whose dog was out for a year with an injury, came back looking great and then started having grand mal seizures as an 8 year old, I'm just happy to have my healthy and fun-loving dogs along for the ride.  How is that for perspective.  I'm grateful that I have like-minded teammates who are just out to have a good time with their dogs and I'm really looking forward to having a week off of work.  My first full week off this year, no wonder I've been feeling a little worn down.  Woot.  Off we go.  Made a video with a good theme song for us.

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Have a great time and enjoy your time off!

Travel safe!

Thanks. Yes a good time is guaranteed.

KICK ASS LUCY!! and Kona too damn it. Those are two amazing pups and yes, every single run is the BEST run. Each and every one.

Thank you. Just hope I don't get too weepy.

Good luck ! I hope Kona and Lucy are in that pile somewhere ! :)

Agreed, I have left for a trial without any dogs in the car :)

Lucy is such a perfect partner for Beep. Same goals :) What is the turf like for the dogs to run on?

Not sure what the turf is like at that facility. Usually the dogs will adjust pretty easily on the turf surfaces, although some can be slippery.

Slippery is one of my worries. That and burning their feet because they are slipping.

Great perspective! Your post made me smile!

Have a great time. :-)

Thank you, we will have a great time.

Have a great time! And give Lucy a big hug from me!

Thanks. Will give Lucy a big hug, I'm sure she'll be thrilled.

Have a wonderful adventure!

Go Lucy, go! We'll call her the "sleeper"... Everyone know she's there and then she wins everything because they thought she was along for the ride!!!

Good thing no matter what Lucy is doing she is the best. ;-) Good luck to all of you and have a wonderful vacation with your girls!

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