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2015 The year of the non-dis
dis verb \ˈdis\
: to treat (someone) with disrespect : to be rude to (someone)
: to criticize (something) in a way that shows disrespect

I thought that “dis” was a slang word, but it’s in Webster’s, so I guess it’s an official word. I declare 2015 the year of the non-dis. I’m usually pretty thoughtful about what I say and to whom, I try to be respectful to all of those around me, big or small, important or not, young or old. Social media has made the dis too easy, it’s easy to be disrespectful and thoughtless when there are no in person consequences to pay. Writing and hitting “post” is just too easy. No witnessing of the adverse impacts of our words. There are a few behaviors which I really dislike which I’ll try to avoid myself, in particular taking pictures of a judge’s course and declaring the course “unsafe.” Huh. It’s our own choice whether or not to run our dogs on a particular course. If I’m worried about a course, and I need to be particularly aware of dog walk entrances and exits, I simply do not run my dog. I might approach the judge and request that the portion of the course be reevaluated, but I don’t just go and take a picture and complain about it on Facebook. Drives me nuts. Drives me even nuttier when the complainer runs their dog anyway on said “unsafe” course. Argh. We seem to have forgotten the dictum about if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all or actions speak louder than words. Bash head against wall. My one New Year’s resolution for 2015. While tempted to just ditch the Facebook account, social media certainly has its strengths, like organizing a last minute group Christmas gift or finding my dog, so I’ll keep my account active.

2015 is shaping up to be a year of seminars. Konane has had enough competition exposure that we can limit her competition time and Merlin just needs to learn more. The year is looking terrific, we’ll train with Justine Davenport, Tuulia Lihto, Marco Giovani and Tori Self. Really looking forward to these training opportunities. We won’t do any USDAA this year, just UKI for all dogs and AKC for Merlin. Speaking of AKC, Merlin had his debut in Novice jumpers today. No video, we didn’t run until 6 pm so only the judge and scribe saw our run. He was awesome! One bar and no bobbles, he looked very pleased with himself, it brought a huge grin to my face. He will be entered in random AKC shows this year, mainly so that I can practice the art of the non-dis about AKC courses. Sigh. Happy New Year everyone.

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Ha, this amuses me greatly - as I do think of you as a very positive person, seems like every year is a year of the non-dis for you. Except for maybe when it comes to USDAA ... and people that dis courses on FB. ;-)

Really looking forward to UKI this year, so I hope we see you down here quite a bit - love me some baby dog action! Oh, and I had heard such good things about Marco I thought I would give him a try myself.

Excellent! If you're headed to southern cal we should drive down together.

Oh man! No USDAA? I'll miss seeing you and your dogs! Have a great 2015!

Oh and I agree about the no dis! Totally!

You're a non-dis person anyway. I'll probably work at some of the USDAA trials, just to pitch in. Unless I get some miraculous response to my a frame lowering petition :)

I truly don't understand why people do that! I think the "girl crap" of agility is one of the biggest things I don't like, which is why I go hide behind the computer and score like crazy. Less drama :)

Have you gotten any response to the Aframe petition.

None, I didn't even get an acknowledgement of receipt, although I sent it certified so I know it got there, hence the USDAA boycott. I'll probably send in another letter as I found another pie of signature sheets :)

I have never thought of you as a dis person, so I assuming you will just try to be around less of it. Facebook does seem to make it easy for people to focus on the negative while having an audience to feed.

Excited to hear about Merlin's debut, can't believe he's old enough already. Your 2015 plan sounds very much like my own, including Justine, Tori and Marco. Also the AKC and UKI competitions. I'm hoping to trial more and judge less.

Maybe since our plans are so similar, we will cross paths more often in 2015. Oh, and you will love my new camera:) I hope you have many chances to use it.

Edited at 2014-12-29 06:58 am (UTC)

Looking forward to checking out the new camera, very excited.

I'm sad I won't see you much this year. Merc and I might get to some UKI trials, we'll see. I want to see Merlin! Come join us in USDAA Performance. ;-)

It's more of a personal USDAA boycott because of lack of response to my petition. I'm sure I'll get over it by 2016.

Using Facebook to find your dog.. *sniicker*
Guess that's reason enough to keep it. 😉

Yup. Still pretty amazing that a 6 month puppy with no collar and no microchip got returned.

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