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Getting wide
Right as I was coveting, ok more like lusting after brisbeethewhite camera I inherited one! Woot. From a gadget freak that just didn't like it. Super woot. I have no idea of how this works, will need to figure it out. I think it's a pretty spendy camera, came in a waterproof case:

Will be handy for taping as I'm planning on sticking with Justine's on line courses for the rest of the year. Merlin seems to have found his voice, pretty much the only time he's barking, good thing no one else was around.

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Wait, I'm pretty sleepy, but did you do some --!like "go behind me, then turn" thing in the middle there? Wow... Maybe I'm Dreamin

Yes, more video! So very lucky, this free camera thing.

What camera did you inherit then? And Kona rocks!

Niiiiiice run, can you show me how to do that!

Anything that puts more Kona video on the Internet is a win for the world

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