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Mini Me
I went down to the Bay Area for business so of course I entered a UKI trial while I was down there. Same low key, friendly, everyone helping out, no whining vibe in Northern California, with the added bonus of getting to visit with some of my Bay Area agility friends. I really do enjoy UKI, I love the course challenges and tiny trials that don't take all day long. I'll probably do some USDAA next year but am feeling less enthused about doing any AKC. It would be good to get Merlin out of Novice before he is 6 years old but we'll see. The dogs ran some competition runs and some NFC, I'm happy with how we spent our ring time. The real reason to enter the trial was to visit with Susan and Rex. We've always called Merlin the Rex clone but seeing the two of them side by side gave me a whole different level of appreciation of how many behaviors our truly genetic. They greet people the same way, roll around on the grass at the same time, watch the dogs in the ring the same way and essentially have the same structure and temperament. There is no question that they are related. People that didn't know them assumed that they were related because they looked like mirror images. Merlin is a dimension smaller than Rex, but it really did look like this the entire weekend:


I wish I brought my camera, crappy phone picture:


Very cute, so happy I got this dog.

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Awwww! Love Merlin and how fun to see the genetic similarities!!

Dog family time is fun. Sounds like a good weekend. Definitely no question that Rex and Merlin are related. :-)

I wish I could meet Rumble's Dad. I suspect he is VERY much like him from what everyone reports. He's certainly nothing like his Dad.

I had asked London's breeder if she felt that the dogs that looked more like one parent or the other were more likely to have traits of that dog - but she said she hadn't seen that. I still think I'm right though. ;-)

I think you're absolutely right. The temperament of the puppies in Merlin's litter could not have followed the coat type more closely, same with both Rhea x Solar breedings.

Davy looks like his Mom and is very much like her in a lot of ways.

I guess I'm a bad Californian... I always consider the Bay Area people to be in Northern CA!

I'm glad you had fun, Rex and Merlin are so handsome!

Ha ha. Must specify North Bay, Easy Bay, South Bay/Peninsula down there.

They do that for my job too! North, East, South and San Francisco, plus Sacramento (my boss and I) are on my team!

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