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Lone Survivor
My neighbor's dog came over and killed my chickens. He's an enormous lab and simply knocked the pen over and killed 11 chickens. It was pretty incriminating, I walked out one morning and there he was having himself a snack. He's come onto the pasture before but I always thought of him as being completely harmless. I thought he had killed all of them but one of the Rhode Island Reds came running out of the woods a couple of days later, she looked pretty happy to see me. I was so angry I put the collarless dog in my car and was getting ready to take him to the pound but couldn't quite bring myself to do it. My neighbors are replacing all of my chickens with chicks, which is kind of a pain to have chicks around this time of year without a brood hen but it seemed to be the best compensation. I also put rat poison down along the fence line so the dog hasn't been allowed to roam around any longer, which was the main problem.

We got to do UKI last night! Daisy put up some great courses. Merlin is still running like a baby dog but actually doing better on the Masters courses than Konane because he's the kind of dog that will slow down if he isn't sure about where he's going next, unlike his Aunt who will just make stuff up on the fly if I'm not timely with the cues. The dogs couldn't be more different which is fine because the situation forces me to be a much better handler. It would have been good to put them on the same handling foundation, what was I thinking? We'll head down to Sherwood next weekend since the Argus UKI trial was cancelled. Random picture of me and my sweet boy:


I came up with the nested course for class this week, based off of the European Open finals course. Just kind of made it up on the fly after we built the finals course, but it's running pretty nice.
Course map

And we got rain! Yea! I've been in the Pacific Northwest for 6 years now, kind of hard to believe. When I moved up here I owned a reasonable number of dogs (2), no chickens and no farm equipment. I do love the climate here, mainly because one feels ready for the change of seasons when it finally arrives, although when it rains for 3 months straight that does feel a bit excessive. We will all be complaining about the rain soon enough. Hoping for a long fall.

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Damn, sorry about your chickens. Heartbreaking. I hate it when people think it is OK to let their dogs roam, because they are in the country.

Cool courses! I'll set these up. I think Bee could do them, with a few off courses 😂

So sorry to hear about the chickens, especially when you had raised them up from chicks. :-( They had a good life with you though, short though it was ...

Looking forward to seeing you next weekend (and you are always welcome to stay at our place!)!

Poor chickens! So glad one girlie survived. It would be hard to be civil to a neighbor over something like that. At least it seems like they are trying to make things right....

Very sad. I have a little apartment just waiting for visitors...

I really want to run that course - looks like so much fun!

And boo about your chickens. SIGH. Glad the neighbors are being responsible, but yeesh.

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