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It's a wrap
Fun fun fun UKI trial yesterday wrapped up our competition year. Kona was a bit naughty but considering she hasn't been training I'm not too surprised. Merlin was awesome, he got better with each run, very happy with how he did. No video as the first person I asked for our first run said "no" and I got discouraged so I didn't ask anyone else for the rest of the day. Not sure why I feel uncomfortable asking people to tape me, it isn't like I haven't had a recording device shoved in front of my face on multiple occasions. Oh well, should have brought the GoPro.

No agility until the spring. Rolling out of bed on cold dark rainy winter mornings is enough of a challenge. I like giving my dogs a break and only hope that the tactic will prolong Kona's agility career. Merlin is much more sensible with his body, but he's structurally disadvantaged so I worry just as much about him. It would be nice to keep them sound and able to compete until they are 9 or 10, not the 7 or 8 that seems to be the norm these days.

The qualifiers for the US Open were raised again. Really kind of ridiculous to have to qualify for Speedstakes and Games now, plus get a bunch of byes. I'm thinking the big trip for the year will be the Canadian classic, who wants to come? 11 runs, international judge and outdoors in Alberta in August. I think this will be our big trip for the year, forget the US Open and Cynosport :)

http://canadian classic dog agility

and Christmas is upon us. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, whatever is politically correct to say to everyone. I get to hang out, eat and watch basketball all day long. Hopefully Steph Curry and Lebron James will put on a good show.


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Thats my problem too, getting a "no" if I ask someone to video. Makes me not want to ask. If you ever need someone and Im sitting there, you can ask me, Ill do it.

Hmmm, interested in the Canadian Classic

Doesn't it look fun? I think we should go.

You know that I will always video for you, more reason to come to Oregon! And I've pre-ordered some of the new Soloshots that work indoors. I'll never need anyone to video again!

And the Canadian Classic looks fun ... and far. ;-) But so is the east coast, so, hey.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Yes, thank you. It's not a coincidence that all competition and seminar videos from 2015 were taken by Oregonians :) Would be interested to see how long the indoor Soloshots take to set up, if it'll calibrate during the walk through that would be terrific.

Canadian Classic is a shorter drive than Cynosport :) ..and Alberta in August, it'll be great weather.

Merry Christmas!

I will video your runs anytime! Please ask me!

Thanks! If we are ever at the same trial I will.

I like to video too! However it now means I miss the run... Since I can't see on those tiny runs.

Ha. Robo cam might be the answer, otherwise I too need a camcorder with a huge screen.

I will always film for you, but I too ordered a solo cam because I have train alone and it's hard without a wide angle lens to capture everything. Also lots of missed competition runs.

Canadian Classic in August...hmmm usually August is one of my off months, too hot for anything, but could be cooler in Canada. Looks fun, but looks like a lot of games too;)

I hope your holiday week is going well and that we will manage to see you sometime soon. I should have a cookie making party, oh wait, our kitchen is two feet wide by 10 feet long;) Your BC cookies were amazing!

It'll be really interesting to see how those new cameras work.

Baking party would be a great idea, I wish I had a better oven, my gas oven SUCKS for baking. I have to change temperatures and baking times for all my recipes.

Merry Christmas!

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